Airshow Performers 2017

Boundary Bay Airshow 2017

Grace Borsari

Come out and watch Grace take to the sky in her Eurocopter EC 120, the world’s quietest helicopter. Grace will demonstrated the unique flight characteristics of the EC120 and even give a bow to the crowd.

Boundary Bay Airshow 2017

Bud Granley

Flying has been a part of Bud’s life since he was 9 years old. He and his brothers were playing when they saw a Tiger Moth biplane glide to a landing on their uncle’s farm. They ran to see the plane, and were amazed to find that their Dad was the pilot. He had secretly earned his flying license. Bud and his two brothers were hooked on aviation after that. Their father made a career of flying, and saw his three children begin their lives in aviation.

Bud joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1956 after earning his wings with a Royal Canadian Air Cadet scholarship. He was awarded honor scrolls at basic, and advanced flying schools in the flying the T-6 and T-33. He served 3 years flying the F-86 Sabre in Baden-Baden, Germany. He was a member of the Canadian gunnery team which won the NATO competition for the third straight year.

Bud then instructed on the T-6 Harvard at Red Deer Alberta. He was selected to be the base solo demonstration pilot on the Harvard, thus starting his career as an airshow pilot. A civilian who had purchased a World War 11 surplus P-40 for $150 asked Bud to fly his plane at local airshows. This was Bud’s introduction to WW2 type aircraft. Bud became an A-1 instructor, and served in Standards flight and as base instrument check pilot.

Bud lives in Bellevue Washington. He flew for United Airlines until retiring in 1997. He has six children.; three of them served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Two flew with the Snowbird aerobatic team, and are now airline pilots. Ross flies with United, Chris with Air Canada. Deb flies the 737 for Alaska Airlines. Bob chose the Navy, and is now a Captain with BC Ferries, but also ferries the T-6 or Yak-55 to airshows

The T-6/Harvard, Yak-55, or the Fouga Magister are the usual airshow planes. He also flies a formation aerobatic act with his son Ross using his Yak-55 and Ross in theYak-18T. You may see Bud flying museum airplanes around Seattle; classic warbirds like the Mustang, P-40, P-47, TBM Avenger; maybe a British Hawker Hurricane or Spitfire; a German ME-109E, Feisler Strorch; or an old biplane; a Russian “ night witches” Polikarpov PO-2; a World War One JN-4 Jenny, N3N, or Stearman.

Boundary Bay Airshow 2017

Ross Granley

Ross Granley comes from a large family of pilots that include grandparents, uncles, parents, cousins, brothers, and sister Deb, and wife, Shari. He was born in Red Deer, Alberta Canada in 1963, A Royal Canadian Air Force base, where his father was instructing on the Harvard/T-6

The third of six children, Ross showed an early love of flying and a strong desire to make it his life’s ambition. Ross joined the Canadian Air Force in 1985. He received his wings in 1987, then instructed in the Canadair CT-114 Tutor aircraft in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This aircraft is still used by the Snowbirds. He earned his A2 Instructor’s rating, then was selected to fly as #2 with the Snowbird’s 1990 and 1991 team. After his tour of duty with the Snowbirds he moved on to fighters at Cold Lake, Alberta. He underwent basic and advanced fighter pilot training in the CF-5 and CF-18. He earned top honors in both courses then flew the CF-18 with 416 Tactical Fighter Squadron for three years. In 1996 Ross was selected as a team member for Canada’s participation in the William Tell air combat competition. This included teams from all commands in the US Air Force. Canada swept the competition in nearly all categories including top team.

In 1997 with 3,100 hours military flight time, Ross, his wife Shari and son Gregory, transitioned to life as civilians. They moved to Everett, Washington where Ross lives while working as a pilot with United Air Lines, based in SFO Ross purchased a Yak-18T in Moscow which he flies in a formation aerobatic routine. The Yak-55, flown by his dad Bud, and the Yak-18T make an unlikely and unbelievably entertaining act.

Boundary Bay Airshow 2016

Vicky Benzing

Born and raised in California, Vicky Benzing is an accomplished pilot, skydiver, aerobatic performer, and air racer. With more than 7500 hours of flight time and over 1200 parachute jumps, Vicky has a passion for
everything airborne. Her flying career has spanned over thirty years and she currently holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating as well as commercial ratings in helicopters, seaplanes, and gliders.

Vicky still remembers her first flight in her uncle’s small airplane when she was just a small child. Inspired by that flight at a very young age, Vicky learned to fly in a family friend’s antique Taylorcraft in her hometown of Watsonville, on the California coast. She was thrilled by the spins, loops, and rolls that her ex-military instructor taught her and subsequently took aerobatic instruction from legendary pilot Amelia Reid.

Vicky’s aerobatic flying took a back seat though, when she earned her PhD in Physical Chemistry from UC Berkeley and began working in the Silicon Valley high tech industry. But the bug returned when she took an
aerobatic flight with air show legend, Wayne Handley (“this flight is going to cost you a lot of money” he said, and he was right!).
In 2005, Vicky began her aerobatic training in earnest. She started competing in aerobatic contests throughout the US, working her way up through the many categories. In between contests, Vicky also began performing in local air shows. Today Vicky holds a surface level aerobatic waiver and has flown over 200 air show performances at venues across the US, including performing at the largest airshow in the world, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI.

In addition to aerobatics, in 2010 Vicky got the racing bug when a friend invited her to “come play in my sandbox” at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV. In that initial race week Vicky was chosen “Rookie of the Year” after winning her first race ever. She currently competes in multiple race classes, both the Sport Class and the Jet Class, and in 2015 Vicky made history as the “Fastest Woman Racer” ever in the history of the Reno Air Races when she qualified a one-of-a-kind L-139 jet on the race course at
469.831 mph. Vicky is currently serves as an officer of both the Sport Class Air Racing Association and of Racing Jets, Inc. Look for her to try to break 500mph on the racecourse this September.

Vicky is sponsored by the California Aeronautical University, a world-class aeronautical training center offering aviation-related degree programs to prepare students for exciting careers in aviation. The University’s campus is a purpose-built flight training facility located at the Bakersfield International Airport.

This first-class campus hosts ideal flying conditions year round, student housing, and FAA Part 141 approved training. Visit the California Aeronautical University website at to tour the campus and learn more about their aviation-related degree programs.

Vicky’s other sponsors include APECS Aerospace Corporation, an engineering and regulatory consulting firm whose team of FAA-DERS and engineering experts specialize in supporting aircraft owners and FAA
repair stations with repair development, modifications and regulatory approvals; Oregon Aero, makers of seating systems and helmet and headset upgrades; and ASL Camguard, creators of advanced engine oil supplements to reduce engine wear.

Boundary Bay Airshow 2016

Brent Handy

• Raised in Wyevale, Ontario (a small town of about 500, 30km N of Barrie)
• No family background in aviation
• Earned glider & private pilot license thru air cadet scholarships
• Commercial / Multi / IFR / Float / Glider ratings
• Graduated from Sault College’s Aviation program and enrolled directly in RCAF as a pilot in 1999
• Brent is active on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube
– follow him to see live aerial video feeds, interactive 360° video & stunning pictures
– Enjoying an excellent career as a military pilot:
•Over 4,000 hours in high performance military aircraft
•served with 409 Tac Ftr Sqn in Cold Lake (CF-18)
•qualified as an A2 flight instructor on the Harvard 2 and Hawk
•flew as Snowbird 9 in 2012/2013
•continue to serve as a Snowbird Standards Evaluation & Training pilot in Moose Jaw
• Trained for weeks with air show legend Wayne Handley in California
• Fast tracked civilian airshow career by applying military training philosophy to acro flying
• I love the challenge of piloting the airplane through difficult & unusual gyroscopic maneuvers – the stuff I can’t do in military aircraft
• Wade Bowman is a crucial partner in my Airshow business – we’ve been friends since boot camp in 1999
• Wade is a former RCAF Aurora pilot and currently flies the Boeing 737 for Canadian North Airlines in Edmonton